Hey, I'm Radu Comsa

I build simple mobile apps

Horizon Fasting

Not your boring fasting tracker

Is it any good?

by Extra Cheese Please

From zero to hero

“A minimal and polished app that tracks your fasts and time spent in metabolic stages. I completed my first deep ketosis fast using this app! so it will always have a special place in my heart.. err stomach.”


Great App

“This app is sick, I love how simple it is! It’d be so cool if you could possibly add a feature to see total hour fasted. Great work I love it, the pink and white colour way is my fave !!”


Just what I wanted

“It’s a simple and clean fasting app that has all the features I wanted without a bunch of added fluff loaded in to make it appear more useful. Love it”


Love the simplicity

“Switched to Horizon after being a Zero beta user for several months, then trying Fastic.”